Casa Marieta En Tu Casa - New “Take Away” Service and Advance Online Orders.

Starting today you can place your order through our online page in advance:

  1. Access our website, section "TO CARRY" https://ca.casamarieta.com/tienda/.
  2. Choose between the different dishes, desserts, wines and accessories. You will find details of ingredients, suggestions and other information that may be of interest. In addition to photographs of the content and the container.
  3. Check that there are enough units of the plate you want and add to the cart.
  4. We will guide you in your order through the page. Any questions you can call us and we will help you.
  5. Payment can be made by card or by Bizum.
  6. You will receive an email with the confirmation of your order. Keep it, it is important and necessary for your pick up at the Restaurant. Check the conditions of sale and delivery.
  7. Come pick up your order and your prize (DO Empordà special edition wine bottle) and enjoy!
  8. We will be delighted that, if you like it, repeat.
  9. We would appreciate if you send us your suggestions to improve to takeaway@casamarieta.com


Thank you very much, we are at your service.

Team of Casa Marieta.

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