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El Centennial Restaurant Casa Marieta Girona has been offering traditional cuisine in the center of the old town since 1892, over 5 generations, with its menu and menu predominating typical Catalan homemade food and local products.

It is a seasonal and market cuisine, with an extensive menu that allows you to choose from a wide selection of dishes and daily suggestions, including classics such as Duck with Pears, Cod with Muslin of Soft Garlic, Baked Lamb Shoulder, Cuttlefish with Peas or Catalan Cream and the Xuixo of Girona. There is also a large winery with numerous DOs, where regional wines stand out. Cozy restaurant, ideal for couples, romantic dinners, family meals with children, groups, celebrations or business.

"We preserve the past, we savor the present, we cook the future"


Prevention and Safety COVID FREE

Prevention and Safety COVID FREE

Girona Restaurant Casa Marieta It complies with the guidelines for Safety, Hygiene and Protection against Coronavirus. For greater peace of mind, we inform that we carry out the following actions in processes and infrastructures: Continuous Training and ...


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Casa Marieta Girona restaurant

El restaurant Casa Marieta in the plaza of the independence of Girona.

restaurant Casa Marieta ·

Plaça Independència, 5-6 ·

17001 Girona

Tel. 972 20 10 16 · info@casamarieta.com

Casa Marieta de Girona restaurant center of girona on es dina molt be

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From 19: 30h to 22: 30h
* In summer season (terrace) from 19:30 p.m. to 23:00 p.m.

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From 12: 00h to 15: 30h
From 19: 30h to 23: 00h



Plaça Independència, 5-6, 17001 Girona

Costa Brava-Girona and Dalí

Barcelona, ​​Sagrada Familia and Gaudí

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